Black Queen, Dark Knight

Black Queen, Dark Knight

Regardless of his psychotic murderous tendencies, Jagger’s THE MAN that women salivate over…

Jagger Johansson
I was made for pulling the trigger of a stainless steel .357 Magnum. It’s cold and ruthless like me, so I’ve been told by women.
Chopping down trucks and rebuilding them was all I was built for, besides murder for hire.
Mikayla Bryant is my next target. She’s the princess of a nation, soon to be queen of a South African island that she knows nothing about.
But this time, I made a mistake, one that could prove fatal. Against my iron will, I became intrigued by my mark and instead of doing what I was hired for, I took her for myself. I did more than just abduct her. I needed to possess her. All it took was just one taste for me to become addicted. Screw the King who paid me a greatly. For once, money meant nothing. She’s mine!

Mikayla Bryant
Mama’s dead… was a phrase I mumbled over and over again in my native Xhosa tongue when I was found by Child Protective Services.
After that night, I became numb from a sordid, deadly past and embraced a promising future.
I graduated with honors and planned on attending med school when the psychotic, Jagger Johansson crosses my paths. He yanked me from my safe life and tossed me into a dangerous world of want and lust.
No sane woman would purposely choose him, but maybe I was never stable. Long hair, tattoos and cold blue pools for eyes somehow warmed my soul. I was taken by this beautiful devil, who was just deranged enough to believe me a princess. Truthfully, I’d play any part he wanted me to. I’m smart enough to believe he’s a Hitman but it does not stop my deceitful cravings. Once satiated, I will get away from him… I must. Or he will take my heart and ruin me.

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