Before CE”O”: Includes the Complete CE”O” Trilogy

Before CE”O”: Includes the Complete CE”O” Trilogy

In the beginning, my life was football. The first twenty one years of my existence consisted of one single minded obsession, to be an NFL quarterback. It was about to come true when I was blindsided in the most important game of my life. In an instant, the entire world as I knew it crumbled.

When my therapist asked about my other talents or interests, the only thing that popped to mind was… women. I’ve always been good with women, but it’s not like you can make a living with that skill set.

Well, as it turns out you can make a damn good living in what they refer to as the world’s oldest profession. I’ve definitely got the equipment for it. Maybe I’ll give it a try. At this point, I feel as if I have nothing to lose. After all, what can go wrong when you’re trying to keep a bunch of spoiled rich girls happy?

* Before CE”O” is a 47,000 word prequel to CE”O” and CE”O” Baby. For a limited time this Trilogy edition includes all three stories. If you enjoy steamy stories with a healthy dose of humor and drama, you will enjoy the journey of Rex Hastings.

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