Destiny Undone

Destiny Undone

HOT Small Town Beach Romance


They Say Opposites Attract…

Book 1: Gabe Gregory. The most eligible bachelor in the small Gulf town of
Destiny Beach. Rich and debonair, he likes to keep himself to himself. His last
girlfriend left a bad taste in his mouth, so he’s sworn off women—even when wealthy
diva and infamous local celeb, Pepper Anderson, lands an intern job at the marine
park where he’s the boss.

She’s sexy, alluring, with curves in all the right places. he knows mixing business
with pleasure rarely works, but Pepper is hard to resist.

Book 2: And what girl wouldn’t have the hots for Gabe? He’s handsome, smart,
confident, and comes from one of the wealthiest families around.

But little does Pepper realize that competition for his attention is just around the
corner. Will he fall under Pepper’s spell, or leave her in the friend-zone?

Book 3: The heat at Destiny Beach is rising again. Gabe’s mom tries to interfere
with his life, but he has his own agenda. She isn’t going to make it easy, and she’s
not the only one trying to mess with his head.

Pepper’s got her own problems. Just when she’s starting to feel good about her new-found
direction in life, she’s left shocked and devastated by her dad’s revelation… and her
once comfortable world is now shattered.

On the warm and sunny Gulf Coast, Gabe’s boat has been a haven for some seriously hot
liaisons, but there’s still no plain sailing in sight. Will Gabe hold firm and fight for
his girl, or is the drama becoming too much for him and his previously, uncomplicated
life? And can Pepper make sense of her dad’s bombshell and find her true self? …or will
she give up on her man and sink further into her sadness?

Find out in this full-length trilogy of love, family life and friendship with no
cheating and no cliffhanger.

The complete series collection includes three novel-length books.

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