Fueled Obsession Complete Series Box Set: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Fueled Obsession Complete Series Box Set: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

A bad boy with a need for speed… A good girl with a heart of gold.


Together, it’s the ride of a lifetime!

I’ve never had an easy life. Been beaten and broken for most of it, thanks to
my alcoholic mom and the random ‘dads’ she’s brought home over the years.
But who said life was going to be easy anyway?

All I know is, I’m the best street racer this town has ever seen. No small thanks
to a little blow, my racing skills, and my ‘68 Camaro.
She’s one of the classics.
She’s my everything.
Sleek, fast and doesn’t take any crap.

Neither do I.

Relationships and love—whatever that is—aren’t meant for a man like me.
I’ve always thought that’s for the rich folks on the other side of the tracks.
But when I meet one sweet nurse at the local clinic, my whole life changes.
Mollie is beautiful, smart, soft and caring… and so totally out of my league.

I’ll have to up my game if I want her… and I do want her like I’ve never
wanted anyone else before.

Fueled Obsession is a heartwarming, opposites attract, new adult romance
between a revved up race car driver and a kind, compassionate nurse. No
cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!

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