His Hurricane

His Hurricane

Falling in love can be like weathering a storm.

Tempest doesn’t trust men. Like, not at all—and with good reason. So this is new territory for her. Then again, she’s never known a man like Maddox, who simply laughs off her attempts to ignore him. When she finally gives in and her trust is violated, things get stormy fast.

Maddox’s career as a Silicon Valley angel investor has earned him over a billion dollars and made him famous. When he meets Tempest, though, he quickly has his beliefs about risk versus reward severely tested.

Grab your raincoat and umbrella, ’cause shit’s about to get real.

It’s time to get drunk on love!
The Cocktail Girls is a shared world between 14 of your favorite romance authors!
Each novella is a stand-alone story set in the city of sin.

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