Irresistible SEAL – The Complete Series

Irresistible SEAL – The Complete Series

Hot and Heartwarming Military Romance

After a childhood full of pain, I’ve dedicated the last twelve years
of my life to the US Navy SEALs, but the relentless overseas tours
have taken their toll on my mind and body.

My buddies all have wives and girlfriends back home. I have no one.
I dream of what life might be like outside the military. Love, romance,
my own space? Maybe even a family to call my own someday.

I work in the fast-paced world of finance. Headstrong and ambitious,
I’ve chosen career over love and put all I have into my new job. A job
I was ‘persuaded’ to take far away from my beloved Manhattan by my
rich, but overbearing father.

I’m not looking for romance, but lonely and lost in my new environment,
I turn to online retail therapy to lift my spirits where I stumble across a
dating site and find myself beguiled by one hot Navy SEAL, Luke Carter.

The sparks flicker to a roaring flame with each sizzling message between
them—but the battlefield deals Luke a cruel blow and he’s rushed home
to the United States. He’s only an hour away from Juliet but in his mind,
everything’s changed and pride gets in the way of the love, passion, and
the happiness they both so desperately crave.

Can Juliet break down the walls of this irresistible SEAL, or are they
both destined to a life of loneliness?

Irresistible SEAL is a full-length heartwarming, long-distance military
love story with NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA.

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