Seducing Daddy’s Boss

Seducing Daddy’s Boss

Seduction has never tasted so sweet…

I’m just a simple girl with my world falling apart at my feet. Fired by a mean
boss, I had to move in with my dad until I could bounce back. Landing a job
with the company he works for, the old man I was expecting to be my boss
is actually his hot as hell, yet reserved son.

He makes my knees weak and my panties wet with each bashful smile he
throws my way. I’ve never seduced anyone before, but I’ve always gone after
what I want… and I want him.

I need a new personal assistant… fast. Running a billion-dollar company is
impossible without one. With the work piling high, I give an employee’s young
daughter a shot.

Little did I know this young college grad would completely knock me off-kilter
with her killer looks and striking intelligence. And her seductive personality
has me begging for a taste of her forbidden fruit.

Seducing Daddy’s Boss is a standalone older man younger woman office romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating and of course, HEA guaranteed!

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