The Better Brother

The Better Brother

Can I really love my ex’s brother?

The moment I saw Michael, my panties were instantly wet.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted – but never had.

Michael and I met when I was a complete mess.
After supporting my ex through years of med school…
He progressed in his career, and kicked me to the curb.

I packed my bags for a fresh new start.
And started a new life in Ennis, Texas.

And then … I met Michael.
A fantasy come true.
Hot. Charismatic. Passionate.
The sexual tension between us was unbearable.
I know everything about him – even the fact he was adopted at birth.

But, my ex just told me that Michael is his long lost brother – and it’s blowing my mind.

Dear Reader,
This book comes with a TWIST that’ll have your panties in a knot — and its NOT what you think. I promise… you won’t be disappointed!
Rye Hart

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