Unentangled (Book 1 of The Tangled Series)

Unentangled (Book 1 of The Tangled Series)

The first chapter in The Tangled Series

All of my life I had dreamed of opening a restaurant of my own someday in California. Taking the General Manager position at Reid Vineyard’s new restaurant would give me the experience I need, the only thing lacking on my resume. Meeting someone like Lucas Reid wasn’t part of my plan…

Lifting my glass to my lips, I take a sip feeling Lucas watching me. I feel as if my heart is about to pound out of my chest as I allow the liquid to lay on my tongue for a moment.

Softly, he asks, “Do you know how to tell what grape you are drinking by just smelling the bouquet, by tasting the tiniest amount on your tongue?”

I shake my head as I lower the glass and swallow, my eyes going to him.

He’s holding his glass at the base of the stem and then it is my turn to watch as he slowly swirls the liquid before lifting the glass to inhale the bouquet before taking a tiny sip, allowing it to roll around on his tongue.

I imagine that tongue roving over my body, tasting and sampling me.

Lost in the image before me, I watch as he swallows, his strong jawline on display with his hair pulled back for his evening jog. I see sweat clinging to the base of his throat and my mouth waters again, wanting desperately to taste him.

I lick my lips and his gaze sweeps to mine as he murmurs seemingly promisingly, “Just one of the many things I’m going to teach you.”

If you like raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat, then you’ll love part one of this erotic romance story of Lucas and Emma by International Bestselling Author Katherine King.

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